paper options

Here at Ebony we believe quality stationery requires quality paper stock. We love to use Colorplan papers as their wide range of colours, weights and custom envelopes give us the flexibility to produce the most innovative designs. All colours are available in 100gsm, 120gsm, 135gsm, 175gsm, 270gsm, 540gsm and 700gsm although we recommend 540gsm/700gsm for double sided letterpress or foil prints to provide for a good impression.

ink colours

When choosing the ink colours for your stationery the possibilities are endless. Here at Ebony we hand mix our inks using formulas from the Pantone Solid Uncoated Swatch book which features 1867 colours. If you have a specific colour you need to match your stationery to, send us a sample and we can mix up the closest possible swatch. To help you with your choice we have highlighted a few which work well below.

foil colours

Once you have chosen your ink colour why not add a little sparkle with hot foil stamping? We can order in an colour of foil in matte, metallic, pearlised or holographic finishes. Foils we stock in house are listed below.